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Release Schedule Q1 2019
  • Dec 14th “Dirty Habit” Single (with Lui Peng)
  • Feb 5th “Comfortable” Ep (3 tracks: “Comfortable”, “HMB” & “Thief”)
  • Feb 15th “Comfortable” Acoustic Session Video
  • Feb 22nd “Beautiful” Single (Neo Soul Feature)
  • Mar 1st “Savage” Single
  • Mar 15th “Comfortable” Acoustic Session Ep (3 tracks: “Comfortable”, and previously unreleased “Ellie Hates” & “Sorry”)
  • Mar 22nd “Pouring Rain” Single (Funk Dance Feature)
  • Mar 29th “There For You” (US Release)
  • Apr 5th “There For You” Video
  • Apr 12th “I’m Done” Single
  • Apr 12th “I’m Done” Video
  • Apr 26th “Fever” Single
  • May 10th “DFM” Ep (3 tracks: “#dfm”, “Options” & “Faded”)
  • May 31st “Love Me Remixes” Ep (2 Dancehall & Reggaeton Remixes)
  • June 14th “You’re the One” Single


Reece Lemonius is more than the usual singer songwriter. The 25y old, London based performer, delivers enigmatically on the piano to create the mood and basis to deliver his thoughtful pop music with soulful melodies and modern licks. Reece started writing music as an expression of and for himself – although he would never call it songwriting himself. To Reece writing has become more of a special emotional outlet, “to me” he says “I’m never writing songs, more-so letters that I’ll never send.”



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